Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hacker's Hideaway is dead :(

Well HH is dead which sucks all on its own but due to one fucked up person, Raze, i cant get any of my shit off the servers HH was hosted on :( Yeah i kept backups but it wasnt nightly nor automated so i lost a lot of shit. i could have had time to get everything off the server but Raze, who was paying for the server, some how forgot to tell me he had stopped paying so i got ripped off like $50 on top of losing everything else!! See it was a Germen hosting company that hosted HH and Raze lived close by and he set everything up, i sent him $100 to pay for everything. So i figure he used about 25-50 dollars of it and i guess ran off with the rest :( Anyway blogger is my hangout once again.


MinoruHackerGuy said...

WHAT?! That sucks man. Have you considered transferring the domain name over to your blogger page? A lot of people are going to be sad when they type in HH's address and get a error page. :-/

Moin Faraz said...

Hey Bro,

This is the Th3 0Wn3R from -- it sounds bad that you lost your work, however its all part of a game!

You finally loose when you stop trying.