Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So easy even winblows can do it pt2

Another way to make winblows more hacker friendly is to have it run Python. many good hacker programs are coded in python and im sure at one point or another you have come a across a program or two you wanted but thought python = linux, and this just isnt true. Goto and find the Downloads section or something close to it and find the install package for winblows. Python is %100 free and a easy setup, even a kid could do this one, just let it install using the defaults that it picks for you. I know some of you dont like hearing that but to make sure path environment variable is set correctly i suggest you do it that way. The one thing you can change is the install path of python, when you get to the "Select Destination Directory" part of the install you may want to change it to c:\py instead of c:\python25 youll know why in just a moment. Now once you have python installed and you have a py program "called" you want to run just put it in the dir c:\py open a command prompt goto the dir c:\py and type "python" and poof you running python programs just like in linux, just like a hacker LOL. it should look something like

c:\py> python

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