Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So i get a call at work from cmoney telling me that she go pulled over by the cops in what ever town on her way back from taking the kids to the dentist office, she also tells me that the van which i told her on many occasions to get registered, isnt registered and thats why she got pulled over, thats not the best of it yet. I my self have been having car trouble and have no way of getting to her, the kids or the van. She then tells me that she also has no licenses so she may be going to sit for a little while and they are going to tow the van if a licensed driver isnt there in 5 minutes!! So i got out of work a hour early, missed class and by the end of the day $360 in fines from her and another $100 to get the van registered, that i had to do despite the fact that in im the van for 15 mins at the most a week and its her "car" and i work all day and have class 3 at night while shes home all day and night with the van. Ok im sure that at this point i am no longer making any sense so ill end this post here.

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Albert Mond returns said...

Damn. That sucks. =(
From CWC with love. <3