Saturday, March 8, 2008

M0|23 pA$sword Crack1n6

First if you didnt already go download John The Ripper. Ok now HERES a passwd file i took from on of my old Ubuntu boxes, download it to the unzipped john dir. Now download THIS word list file to the same place you downloaded the passwd file to. Now open a command promt "Start->run->cmd" and goto the dir john is in and the rest of the files you downloaded above. Now type "john --wordlist=n_common.txt --rules passwd.txt" These settings should crack the password in just a few seconds. You just cracked your first DES encrypted password. John can also crack BSDI, MD5, BF, AFS, and LM hashes. You can find word lists from all over the place just ask google for one. As for more passwords to crack well i leave that up two you.

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