Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dansguardian, Webmin, and Ubuntu.

So i have my Ubuntu box set up as my networks NAT router, DHCP, and DNS server. Now I have a few kids and well i cant keep an eye on them all the time and while i do log their activity online i often miss lots of things in the logs as they seem to go on for ever and it got to the point that i just stopped looking at them are started looking for a better system. A while ago i had a content proxy server running on a XP pro box that seemed to do the job but was really unreliable and stop working all together at one point, so i set out to see if i could find a linux solution. I came across Dansguardian, which from what the website said was %100 better then the ones i had found for winblows. The only down side was all the install help files i could find all had you downloading firehol and tiny proxy, but non of them had a Webmin mod. So i went in and downloaded Squid proxy using Webmin 1.4 i had to edit the mod config to point to the right dir and i was hopping to use Squid as a replacement for tiny proxy. I already have Linux Firewall set up via Webmin to do NATing so thats all good, all that was left was to apt-get dansguardian. The install whent fine. I did have to chmod a few files for install, nothing big. After install i had to edit dan's config file to point it to the address of the proxy "Squid" in the networking section of Dan's config file. Now i have full web content filtering in action so no more boobies on the web for my kids :P the next step is forcing all connections to dan with out making changes to the end user's computer.

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