Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mythbuntu, Linksys NAS200 hack

Well ok its not really a hack but more of a work around. I just got a Linksys NAS200 with 2 500gb sata hdds, and i wanted to mount one of the HDDs to my mythbuntu box but for some odd reason you cant mount shares that have spaces in the names. So you make a new folder in PUBLIC DISK # called public. Make sure all the stuff you want to mount is in that share, then make a new share dir using the NAS Admin web interface called disk# and point it to /Disk 1/public make sure you set the access privs you want for the share. I used the PUBLIC DISK dir in this example because its the one i use to share all files to all clients on the network with and you dont need a p/w to access. If you dont have the Linksys NAS200 im sure you have no idea what im talking about but if you do then i hope this can help you out if your trying to mount the NAS200 shares


Kam Salisbury dot Com said...

For mounting shares on the Linksys NAS 200 try the following...

First install smbfs ala' "sudo apt-get install smbfs"

Then "sudo mount -t cifs //nas200ipaddress/PUBLIC\ DISK /mnt/nas -o username=you"

See my post on the same topic for more info?

Anarchy Angel said...

Thanx kam for another work around. I have not tried your method in mythbuntu as of yet but if it works, great job and keep it up. If on the other hand it dont, you suck n00b. lol, jk thanx for stopping by.

temp said...

I know its an old post, but this is the first one I came too, so hopefully this will help others in the future.

You can actually mount the shares with spaces, you just have to encapsulate it in quotes:

mount -t smbfs -o username=,password= '//ipaddress/disk 1' mountpoint