Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Hackers Gadget 2

A Hackers Gadget 2 is done and ready for download. AHG2 comes packed with many new functions which include a Mail bomber called Mail p00per, local WiFi info button that displays all your wifi/ipv4/ipv6 information. You can keep up on the latest hacker news around the world with the hacker news button scripting provided by Pen and Another new function is the random password generator to give you fast strong reliable passwords with just a few clicks and one key stroke. AHG's most popular function, the HTTP forager, now has Tor network support!!! Main gadget graphix done by ming5 of Be sure to open the settings window.



Mr9 said...

dude, can't install it

"invalid number of parameters"
"invalid number of parameters"

please check your batch file

Mr9 said...

how can i install it to XP? i figured out that you are using vista. can't install it on xp.

Anarchy Angel said...

This gadget is for Windows Vista sidebar ONLY it will not work on any other ver. of windows

kanchoblindside said...