Saturday, December 29, 2007

Santa sucks!

or so my little girl thought. She just now got around to opening her "Magic Spin Art" toy from xmas only to find it didnt work. She got all upset i mean water works and everything and saying Santa something something i couldnt really make out. cmoney said we will get a new one but that didnt make her feel any better plus we didnt have the box nor the receipt anymore so i looked at it for a min. and said i can open it up and see if i can fix it. as you could imagine it was a very easy set up just the bat. case red going to a on/off switch that went to a motor and black from bat case to motor. as it turned out the red wire was not connected right and a good part of it was going past the connector and touching the motor which was shorting the connection. so i just bent the wire back and poof it works. Then while putting it back together the fucking red wire broke off the switch!! So i just stripped off both ends of the red wire bypassing the switch so the only way to turn it off is taking out the bat. I plan on getting a new switch but for now it works. She gave me a big old kiss and everything is good now, Santa is no longer on her shit list. I also started work on the next rev. of AHG.

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