Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ubuntu saves the day!

Ok so i told you about the new laptop for work and the issues with Vista, well when i got to work this morning me and mah boss talked about it and decided to give that laptop another try since the hardware as so bad ass and dual boot it with ubuntu which worked great! it got done around 5 so i didnt get the wifi working in ubuntu just yet and is was going to do it tonight but i had to go to mah kids open house at school and mah other kids PT conferences so mah night was all spent. I did find a nice little video on youtube on how to install Vista in about 2 min.

see the install vid here

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craknup2much said...

It sounds like you finally figured out your vista problems. Good for you :) So is Vista good or what? Do you think everyone will eventually switch to that? I like your About Me section sounds like you have a good life, who could ask for more :)