Saturday, October 27, 2007



Name: NMAPbat
By: Anarchy Angel
EMail: anarchy[DOT]ang31 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

This comes with NMAP v3

Scan types:
sS - TCP SYN stealth scan
sT - TCP connect() scan
sU - UDP scan
sP - ping scan
sF, sX, sN - Stealth FIN, Xmas, or Null scans

You can also Set a range from port 1 to whatever you want

Sample: c:/nmapbat sS 80
That sting will scan target using a TCP
SYN stealth scan port 1 to 80

Defualt port range is 1-31337

I got sick of having to input these commands and anti-IDS settings while pen-testing the comps at work. You can use NMAPbat to get the most out of NMAP and its awsome abilities.


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